May 7, 2014 Catalina Chamber Day and Eve.

by kreuter on April 23, 2014

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 7 for Chamber Day & Eve 2014.

The Catalina Chamber is celebrating the 40th year of unbending service to the Southern California diving community.  The Chamber gets about 50% of its funding from L.A. County, while Chamber Day & Eve have become the major source of funds to keep our Chamber available to divers 24/7/365.  All monies raised go to the Chamber and no administrative fees are deducted from the proceeds.  The local SoCal boats donate their time and services, the manufacturers donate gear for raffle prizes, the Aquarium of the Pacific donates their facility for Chamber Eve, and hundreds of volunteers donate their time.

The main event is Chamber Day, which includes a full day of diving (two dives) at Catalina, plus a walking tour of the Chamber at the Isthmus. Cost is $95 (plus $30 for food and airfills, which goes to the boat). This gets you the diving, the tour, a T-shirt, and 5 daytime raffle tickets.

Chamber Evening, co-sponsored by the Aquarium of the Pacific, wraps things up. You’ll have full access to the Aquarium, a sit-down dinner in the Great Hall (under the life-sized model of a blue whale), hear a few speeches (they try to keep them short), maybe win a raffle prize, and finally, cheer during the presentation of the Chamber Day check to Karl Huggins, Director of the Chamber.

To get more up to the moment information and details visit the Chamber Day Website.

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