Abalone Scientific Survey Meeting

by kreuter on September 6, 2013

At the request of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), the California Ocean Science Trust (OST) has convened a Science Advisory Committee (SAC) to conduct a scientific and technical review of the survey design and methods currently used to estimate densities of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) in northern California. The first meeting is open to the public and will be conducted via an online conference call on Monday, September 16th from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. Hosted by OST, this meeting will provide DFW with the opportunity to share information about the design, application and interpretation of their methods so that the SAC may begin to frame their review. The public is invited to offer questions or suggestions for consideration by the SAC during the review process.

Instructions for joining the meeting:  This first meeting is a webinar (online conference) held on the WebEx Conference system.   To join the online webinar:

1) Click HERE to join the online meeting

2) Call (650)479-3207 or 1-855-244-8681 (toll-free) and enter access code: 196 928 567

We encourage participants to both call in and log in to the meeting website so they may both see and hear the presentation slides. However, those without computer access can call in, and will be accommodated during the public input period.

To Offer a Suggestion or Question:

Time is allotted at the end of the meeting for public input. Throughout the meeting, we will keep a running queue of names, and call each name in the order received during the public participation period. To enter the queue, please submit your first and last name in one of the following ways:

1) E-mail us anytime during the meeting at: abalone@calost.org

2) Call-in 15 min early to the meeting (1:45 pm)

3) Send us your name anytime during the meeting using the “chat” function on WebEx.  Each individual will have a maximum of 3 minutes. We will give a warning when you have 30 seconds left. At 3 minutes, the phone line may be muted.  If we run out of time and don’t get to your name, we will provide you with an opportunity to submit your question/comment after the meeting via email.

Next Steps:  We stress that this is a scientific and technical review related to the survey design and methods to estimate red abalone density. Questions and/or comments outside this scope (including management) are not appropriate in this venue.  Public input appropriate to the scope will be captured in the meeting summary and posted online by early October. This document will summarize the meeting, and provide detailed information on next steps of the review, including how public input will inform the process.  For the detailed scope of the review, and summary of the main steps of the review process, you may download the review scope and process documents at: http://calost.org/science-advising/?page=ongoing-reviews#scope-of-work-review-process

Agenda for the Abalone Review Kickoff Meeting:  Monday, September 16th, 2:00pm-5:00pm

2:00 pm Welcome and Introduction (California Ocean Science Trust).  Introduction.  Describe public engagement process.  Review scope and explanation of review process.

· Meeting agenda

· Introduce SAC

· Introduce DFW biologists

2:30 pm California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) Presentation

· Overview of Survey Design and Density Estimate Methods for Red Abalone

3:15 pm Science Advisory Committee to Ask Questions of DFW

4:00 pm Public Question/Comment Period

4:45 pm Wrap Up and Next Steps (OST)

Alena Pribyl, Ph.D.,  Project Scientist,  California Ocean Science Trust,  (510) 251-8329,  http://calost.org/,  http://www.calost.org/www.calost.org




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