Sea Turtle Restoration Project

by Jon Niebling on May 12, 2010

Join Sea Turtle Restoration Project and the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation to help endangered leatherback sea turtles by removing plastic litter and debris from Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California.

Volunteers of all ages are invited to help save sea turtles on the morning of World Turtle Day, May 23, 10:00am – 12:00 noon. Beach cleanup volunteers are meeting at North Ocean Beach, 1000 Great Highway, San Francisco (Stairway 17, map).

Each year several hundred endangered western Pacific leatherbacks migrate over 6,000 miles to feed on hundreds of pounds of jellyfish a day offshore of California. The waters off of San Francisco are especially popular with leatherbacks!  Ingestion of plastic bags and debris is known to kill leatherbacks all over the world, so let’s keep any and all plastic trash from entering their favorite ocean feeding environments.

Receive a FREE re-usable water bottle from the Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Join as a member at our table, or bring proof of current membership (like your newsletter), and help with the beach cleanup to receive your free water bottle. Then eliminate your future use of disposable plastic water bottles, which pollute the ocean and waste energy. Or, if you can’t attend, click here to join as a member now!

See you at Ocean Beach,

Chris Pincetich, Campaigner & Marine Biologist, Sea Turtle Restoration Project
p.s. Come early to volunteer to set-up, work at our interactive table at the beach, and maybe go surfing with me. Email me for details
PHOTO: A giant, endangered leatherback with a jellyfish in its mouth, which looks a lot like a floating plastic bag (NOAA).

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