Lake Berryessa Update

by Jon Niebling on May 20, 2009

Letter from Peter Kilkus (5/19/09)

Hello to all the friends of Lake Berryessa,

The latest issue of the Lake Berryessa News has  been published to my web site at

This is our special Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce Summer 2009 issue. It includes all the news about what’s open and what you can do here at the lake. There’s information on touring, hiking, camping, boating, and kayaking.

We need your support! Although 4 of the west shore resorts are closed and will not re-open for the 2009 summer, 3 resorts, the Capell free launch ramp, the Spanish Flat Village Center, Berryessa Corners, Turtle Rock, and 2 public day use parks (Oak Shores and Smittle Creek) are open for business. It’s best to get here early on weekends or come mid-week to avoid the crush.

2009 will be a prime summer for kayaking, biking, swimming, non-motorized recreation, and nature-based recreation on the west side Lake Berryessa. Since the Bureau of Reclamation declared the Big Island Lagoon a “non-motorized zone” there will be a lot of calm water in that area. With four major west shore resorts closed, powerboat and jet ski traffic will be less than normal. But please stop by our west shore businesses to help them make it through this year and the next until the new resort concessions are fully operational.

Lake Berryessa Chamber of Commerce members want to encourage kayakers, swimmers, and picnickers to visit the lake and enjoy the calm waters. Come out for an evening paddle, ride, picnic, or an all day corporate summer party at Oak Shores. Mid-week is the best quiet time. Get your supplies at a local store, have your even catered by a local restaurant or deli, or end your day at a local restaurant.

There are miles of trails to hike, more miles of roads to bike, lake vistas to kayak, and much to enjoy.

Markley Cove Resort is Open!*

The closest resort to Monticello Dam, Markley Cove offers cabin rentals, a convenience store, food service, marina services, boat slips, boat and jet ski rentals, boat gasoline. No day use picnic area. (*Final interim contract pending.)

(707) 966-2134

Pleasure Cove Marina is Open!

Pleasure Cove Marina operates from the south end of the lake just off Hwy 128 and offers houseboat rentals, cabin rentals, tent & RV camping, boat slips, boat and jet ski rentals, boat gasoline. No day use picnic area.

(707) 966-9600

Steele Park Resort Is Open!*

Steele Park Resort at 1605 Steele Canyon Road provides marina services, boat slips, boat launching, boat gasoline, RV sites, and a convenience store. No day use picnic area. (*Final interim contract pending.)

(707) 966-2213

Free Public Facilities are Open: Oak Shores/Smittle Creek Day Use Parks are open. Oak Shores and Smittle Creek offer more than 100 picnic sites equipped with BBQ grills. Two hand launches for non-motorized car-top boats are also available. Oak Shores is slated to open about 75 overnight campsites by the end of June. Capell Cove Launch Ramp is open, but get there very early on weekends. Mid-week is quiet, so try to come then.

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