Dive Beautiful Lake Berryessa

by Jon Niebling on March 9, 2009

Bruce Fauss, Jen Campbell, and Ray Pettigrew are going to dive beautiful Lake Berryessa on Thursday, March 12, 2009.

If anyone would care to join them, you can email Ray, show up at Napa Dive Center at 10:00am, call Ray at 707-255-5631, or meet them at the parking lot just beyond the bridge at about 11am.

Projected water temp is 50 deg, viz 3 ft.

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Bruce March 13, 2009 at 1:04 PM

We dove under the Pope Creek bridge, where the underwater cleanup is done each September. As far as conditions went, The weather was great, sunny and warm. Ray was a little too optomistic with the 3 feet of viz, at 10 feet it was difficult for me to read my gauges, however the water temp was slightly warmer at 52 degrees. Neither Ray or myself made it below 20 feet where the water turned into black water diving. The lake level is about 12 feet higher than when we dove during the September cleanup, so we didn’t see much trash to pick up except a few beer bottles, and plastic bags. Enjoyed sandwiches during our surface interval. Had a few fishermen come into the cove, and saw one catch a nice trout. Cali (Jen’s new puppy) had the most fun with everything being a new experience. All in all had a great time enjoying the warm sun, and getting the scuba gear wet.

Check this out on where plastic ends up in the ocean.

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