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by Jon Niebling on February 8, 2009

In a recent survey sent out by the folks at Monterey Express in January 2009, the respondents expressed an interest in receiving information about their Frequent Diver Program (FDP) discounts.

This program offers divers significant savings on charters when the diver elects to pre-purchase any of the FDP packages offered. The discounts vary according to the number of charters you may wish to purchase.

The Monterey Express brought together 4 packages which offer a range of discounts that many of you will find exciting with savings up to 30% on your recreational diving aboard the Monterey Express in 2009 and into 2010.

Frequent Diver Program Discount Packages – Sale ends March 31, 2009

  1. Purchase 3 charters, receive a 15% discount. Cost: $229.50 ($270.00 retail value)
  2. Purchase 4 charters, receive a 20% discount. Cost: $288.00 ($360,00 retail value)
  3. Purchase 5 charters, receive a 25% discount. Cost: $337.50 ($450.00 retail value)
  4. Purchase 6 charters, receive a 30% discount. Cost: $378.00 ($540.00 retail value – this discount is nearly equal to TWO free charters!)

For purchases, contact Monterey Express:

Or send check or money order to:

Monterey Express
PO Box 2600
Monterey, CA 93942

Please identify the FDP package you wish to purchase when ordering.

This offer is for recreational diving only and is not offered for certification training events or as group discounts. Discount package is for SINGLE diver use and may not be transferred to another person or used for multiple divers nor combined with any other offers. Reservations are required.

Purchasers of FDP discounts are immune from charter rate increase for the duration of their FDP package.

Captain Tim Doreck
Monterey Express

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