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by Jon Niebling on September 10, 2008

NW winds 5kt becoming N. wind waves 1ft or less. NW swell 2 to 5ft. Patchy fog.

NW Winds 5kt becoming W. wind waves 1ft or less. NW swell 1 to 4ft. Patchy fog.

Already looking better than last week and last week was SUPERB!! Although vis was generally 25′ to maybe 35′ in most areas, the sea state was gentle and the weather was great… although Sunday a bit cooler with some overcast.

This Week: The direction of the marine forecast appears to be excellent for both marine weather and dive conditions.

Yesterday… we were diving Monterey Bay (Aumentos) with 40′ of vis and ZERO swell and wind. Overcast yes, but diving OUTSTANDING!

The Saturday and Sunday afternoon charters are now closed for reservations… BUT the mornings both have many spaces available and this would be the time to get in some excellent diving as we move into Fall.


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Tim Doreck September 11, 2008 at 7:40 AM

Truly FLAT seas, extremely light breezes and continued WAY above average dive visibility… even in Monterey Bay (30′ to 40′) indicate that the fall dive season maybe what we have come to love and expect for this time of year.

Sunday morning and Saturday morning charters on the schedule for this weekend. Afternoon charters have been removed and lots of spaces on those two (morning) remain.

if you can break away and can cancel the wedding, delay the weeding and tell your “Beau” that “if they REALLY love you… they won’t mind if you dive this weekend”… this might be the time to do so!


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