Weekly Status – Monterey Express – Tim Doreck

by Jon Niebling on June 14, 2008

Flat seas. VERY light breezes and a smooth as glass ride ALL day

First dive:
Pinnacles — super smooth down and up — with 30? and a bit of a blue/green tint. ZERO surge, ZERO wind, almost ZERO swell.

Second Dive:

35? much cleaner and less green tint. One of the best – Strawberry Hill – which is a tall pinnacle starting at 82 feet and quickly rising (very quickly) to about 18? to 20? straight out from Pt. Pinos Light House.

Too close to the breaking surf line for about 360 days out of the year — BUT on same days — WOW! Today is one of those. Tomorrow — maybe — maybe not — BUT We hope so — it is THAT GOOD!

Lots of spaces remain. Never the less, it is so sweet out there, we are going even with 6 divers now booked. Not going to let them miss this one.


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