Weekly Status – Monterey Express – Tim Doreck

by Jon Niebling on June 11, 2008

Temperatures above normal in all areas including Monterey (mid 70’s), RAPIDLY diminishing seas with an almost imperceptible swell and winds (<10 knots) are going to make it a MUST DIVE weekend.

Sunshine an almost zero cloud coverage… so bring your sunscreen and set up your UW cameras.

Lots of spaces on board this weekend but the afternoon charters will be leaving the schedule today so the morning on Saturday and Sunday are the choices.

Night Dive On Saturday the 28th, 6:30 pm for boarding, first dive DUSK, 2nd dive… ‘gonna need lights!

Carpooling is an area we are attempting to assist with so ensure you at least take the opportunity to make a YES response during your booking. I will try and find your car pooling dive buddy in the reservations for the day of your dive.


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