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by Jon Niebling on May 14, 2008

On May 14, 2008, at 9:22 AM, Tim Doreck, Monterey Express wrote:

Okay, I waited until the forecast was cast in cement before I went out with this report:

All 3 models CDIP, FNMOC and NOAA… showing some really fantastic weather and marine conditions and possibly the best combination of both in 2008.

Yes we’ve had a couple of great marine forecast days… and a couple of great sunny days… but this is both at the same time… in the same location. Everything we love about diving.

Seas holding 6′ or less through the entire weekend… with coastal temps around 70+ and inland temps even higher… everything is coming up for a STELLAR weekend for diving in Monterey.

As of Wednesday 3am local time:

* NW winds 5 to 10kt… becoming west wind waves 1ft or less
* West swell 3 to 6ft

* West winds 10kt wind waves 1ft or less. West swell 2 – 5ft

Many reservations available. The weather and marine conditions looking GOOOOD! I try and give you the best info I can so you can get the best bang for your $$$.

I think this will be a good one.


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