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by Jon Niebling on May 4, 2008

On May 4, 2008, at 6:46 PM, Tim Doreck, Monterey Express wrote:

The dives today…

1: Pescadero Pinnacle in Carmel Bay… with reported 60′ by all divers… and only moderate surge
2: Hopkin’s Deep (Metridian Field) in Monterey… poor with 15′ maximum… and only below 60′

Dive 1: Anchorage was uncomfortable in Carmel with the prevailing wind and swell more like a Maytag than a dive site… BUT clarity was too good to pass on and the 2 groups were there for Advance Open Water final dive. The ADVANCED part they GOT with great vis on the bottom to boot!

About a mile west of us, on the Ocean pinnacles, we observed two or three 12′ to 15′ breaking waves which was like the opening scene of Hawaii Five O…as in Uh..Oh…!


Dive 2: We were anchored in 70′ to 75′ Not a great 2nd dive but, with conditions building on the outside and a forecast of increasing winds, heading home to Monterey for the 2nd dive seemed to me to be the proper choice.

The rides down and back up were bumpy with swell 10′ @ 10 second intervals with about 15 knots of wind.


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