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by Jon Niebling on August 6, 2007

Club Members: Anyone can post a response to an existing blog post but here’s how to use the site for writing a new post for our Blog:

Note: This site works best with Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It will display well in Safari but the administrative tools will not be as robust.

In the bottom left column (scroll down until the left column text ends), under “Meta” you’ll see a link called “Login” and click that link

Contact Webmaster David Topper for your login name and initial password.
Note: You may want to change this initial password after you login.

Once logged in, you’ll see tabs: Dashboard, Write, Manage, Profile

First go to “Profile” and update your personal information. You may change just about everything except your login name. Make sure that you check the box under “Personal Options” – “Use the visual editor when writing” since this will make writing a lot easier… more like a standard word processor when writing your posts.

When finished with “Profile” make sure you click the “Update Profile” button.

Now you’re ready to post a new Blog topic: Click on the “Write” tab. Fill in the subject and then, in the large box below it, fill in the text information you wish to post.

Remember to select the “Category” on the right-hand side and then click “Save” and your new post will be sent to the site Webmaster for moderation and approval… We’ll have it live online for you quickly. We’ll eliminate moderation for Club Members once we complete training for the Members that wish to participate in this website.

Hope this helps!

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