How to Select a SCUBA Tank

by Jon Niebling on July 15, 2007

An associate gave me a relatively new aluminum scuba tank (it had previously been used to refill paintball guns). After having Roger check the tank and certify that it was in tip top shape and safe for scuba, we entered into a discussion regarding the buoyancy and weighting factors associated to aluminum versus steel tanks. Wanting to know more, I searched the web and found this article which I thought was worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Jayma October 10, 2007 at 5:20 PM

David – The article on how to select a SCUBA tank was great. Very comprehensive. One of the things that is so frustrating is the inconsistencies in bouyancy you get when you rely on a Scuba operator (like on a boat) or rent tanks. I never really know how to weight myself, so I’m always over weighted. Steve and I are probably going to buy our own tanks for Christmas, so we can eliminate this as an issue and we can take the guess work out of how much weight do I need “this trip”. I really appreciate the time it takes to find articles to educate vs. sell a particular brand. Thanks for making it available on this website so I don’t have to waste my time searching for real information. I look forward to more of the same.

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